Cajuput has been used for its curative powers since ancient times. Essential oil of cajuput is a powerful antiseptic and a well-known muscle relaxant.

Lemon is the best essential oil ever for women. It is well known for its bactericidal and disinfectant powers and it boosts natural immunity.
Rosemary oil has the strongest bracing effect of all the essential oils. For thousands of years, rosemary has been considered to be a powerful remedy and a magical herb. Legend has it that, in the 16th Century, Queen Isabella of Hungary, became young and healthy again thanks to a lotion mainly made of rosemary.
Essential oils of eucalyptus are no doubt the most commonly used in saunas and steam baths. The strong perfume of eucalyptus perfume gives an impression of ultimate freshness and vitality. Particularly recommended for breathing diseases. This plant is used in many pharmaceutical compositions for its anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties.
Mint is the best refreshing essential oil ever. In many cultures, mint is used as a herb in food and drink, and also for its stimulant, aphrodisiac qualities. Mint has been used down the centuries as a tonic, an aid to digestion and to help treat colds, coughs and fevers.
When the levanter was found in mountains of France became the favorite plant of perfumery. The image of lavender fields in the landscapes of Provence has become one of the symbols of this lovely French region. Levanter’s flowers acting against the cough, the asthma and the flu. Levanter calms down the nervous system. Ideal for insomnia problems and stress. The lavender essential oil has balancing results bringing health and harmony in body and mind. It is stimulating and calming and relieves from daily tension, stress, depression and general faintness.

Essential oils of pine are particularly effective to treat breathing diseases. Pine is also appreciated for its stimulant properties; it is a real invigorating concentration, to be recommended in cases of tiredness and loss of energy. Other properties are: it helps fight rheumatism and tiredness and acts as a depurative.
The essential oil extracted from orange helps sleeping. The bewitching fragrances of orange are very pleasant and have a slightly hypnotic effect. A bath in essential oils of orange in the evening, just before bed, will have a soothing and invigorating effect.
Citronella is a large, hardy herb that originated in Southern Asia and especially Ceylon. Its legendary virtues as a mosquito repellent have partly obscured the pleasant perfume of its essential oils and its deodorant, cleansing and softening properties.
Elynia: Essential oils present in the slimming range penetrate your body through your skin.
Following your blood stream, they reach quickly the tissues and organs of your body to express all their beneficial properties.

In this mixture you will find the following bewitching essences:
- Mint, for its digestive properties
- Orange, for its rejuvenating action on tissues
- Lavender, for its calming properties
- Rosemary, for its anti-aging properties
- Sage, for its diuretic properties and its anti-cellulite action
- Juniper, for its draining and slimming properties
Luxury is a combination of particularly refined essential oils, i.e. cajuput, guaiacum, mint, eucalyptus, and caryophyllene. Cajuput and guaiacum essential oils are well known for their antiseptic properties. This composition will turn your sauna, steam bath or water massage